GoodGranola has its beginning with family and friends. 

I love making granola and had a recipe that I practiced and perfected. I shared that granola and was encouraged to expand into selling to my community. The local farmers market was a great place to start! Every week I brought samples and made sales, and every week new faces became familiar faces returning to get more granola.  

Now, I offer my granola online!  At this time, I utilize the WI Cottage Food Law, which means I am able to sell to customers in the state of Wisconsin.  This online option should make it easier for you to get GoodGranola 🙂


My blends start with a base of hearty thick rolled oats, sourced from a local market. Brown sugar, spices, coconut oil, nuts/seeds and premium dried fruits are incorporated along with honey sourced from a local bee keeper. The blends are then toasted to perfection, cooled, packaged and sealed for freshness. My granola is baked fresh for every event and order.

*Oats are naturally gluten free. However the processing facility is not certified gluten free. If you are highly sensitive, this product is not right for you.