Good Granola is made with basic ingredients; all easily identified and pronounceable! Oats are blended with coconut oil and honey, toasted to perfection, and loaded with various combinations of nuts and dried fruit to make amazingly good granola!

All granola blends contain thick rolled *oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, flax meal, dried fruits and nuts and/or seeds. 
*Dairy-free | All our standard blends are made dairy-free
*Vegan | Maple and Spice is sweetened with maple syrup
*Dessert Blends | Have delightful cookie crumbles made with plant butter, and include chocolate or toffee drizzle.

All granola is made to order which means you’ll receive granola that is freshly baked, packaged and sealed. Orders are fulfilled weekly, with shipping or delivery according to order dates (see schedule).

*oats are purchased from a facility that is not gluten free

Sunshine Blend

This blend is loaded with chunks of apricot, sweet mango slices, slivered almonds and puffed millet. You’ll audibly approve with the first bite!

Blueberry Walnut

Loaded with plump, dried blueberries and toasted walnuts, you’ll want to choose this blend over and over!


This one is loaded! Almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sweet apricots and tart cranberries are all packed into this delightful blend.

Cherry Pecan

One of the most popular blends, this is made for cherry lovers! The toasted pecans make it over-the-top amazing!

Coffee Chocolate Cashew

Can we agree that chocolate and coffee are the best things ever? This blend also has toasted cashews making it one you’ll want to hide for yourself!

Happy Apple

Delightful blend of sweet apples, raisins and perfectly toasted walnuts; a must-have for healthy snacking.

PButter Chocolate Chai

Creamy peanut butter and rich chai spices are infused into one half, the other half is infused with dutch chocolate. It’s pretty great.

Triple Nut

The trifecta of nuts! Toasted pecans, cashews and walnuts are all part of this delicious, amazing and, according to some, best blend.

Maple & Spice

This blend is our Plain Jane and we love it! It’s simply oats, ground flax seed, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sweet maple syrup.